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Version 2.3.5 is available (Feb. 14th 2023)

Compatible with ET:Legacy 64bit for MacOS and Linux!


You only need to replace the qagame .dll and the pk3 files with the new ones to update your server.

You can now also host a N!tmod server on MacOS with the qagame_mac provided in the package !.

If you are installing for the first time, or updating from a version prior to 2.3, don't forget to check the Setup tutorial and the NxAC Setup tutorial.


Added: = Added

Fixed: = Fixed

Modified: = Modified

Removed: = Removed

N!tmod 2.3.5 - Feb. 14th 2023

Fixed: Players losing all their XP after a map change or reconnect

Fixed: Players losing XP in some skills (mainly CovertOps skill) after reaching a very high XP amount

Fixed: Potential client crash when invalid weapon number was passed to the 'class' command.

Fixed: Cancel vote when intermission starts

Added: Intermission visual hit regions

Modified: Setting n_NxAC to 0 on the server will not report violations at all

Modified: NxAC version 2.3 - Fix compatibility with recent ET:Legacy updates

N!tmod 2.3.4 Beta 4 - June 12th 2021

Fixed: g_fixedPhysics was broken (since version 2.2)

Fixed: UI_Alloc crash on Linux/MacOS x86_64

Fixed: Empty awards during intermission

Fixed: Empty crashlogs on Linux x86_64

Modified: Separate server crash logs (crash_mapname_date_time.log)

Modified: MAX_CUSTOM_COMMANDS from 64 to 96 (on request for a server that had too many, but I don't recommend it)

Modified: Optimized ClientUserInfoChanged checks and log messages when dropping a client

Modified: SQLite errors are now logged to g_log

Modified: NxAC version 2.2 - Improved stability

Added: EXPERIMENTAL - Compatibility with ET:Legacy server demos (some crashes are still to be fixed)

N!tmod 2.3.4 Beta 3 - June 6th 2021

Fixed: Fixed a remaining crash/freeze issue reported right after 2.3.4-b2 release

N!tmod 2.3.4 Beta 2 - June 3rd 2021 - !! DEPRECATED / USE 2.3.4 Beta2 or higher !!

Fixed: Increased MAX_MENUS and MAX_MENUITEMS to fix some server's custom menus not loading

Fixed: Don't activate triggers (escort vehicles for example) when playing dead

Fixed: First blood and First headshot announces (broken in 2.3.4-b1)

Fixed: Vote message sometimes staying on screen (untested, very tricky to reproduce, but should no longer happen)

Fixed: Crash/freeze on Windows after vid_restart/map change due to NxAC

Fixed: Faster SQLite queries

Added: Re-enabled MacOS 32 bit support (untested)

Added: MacOS server library (qagame_mac) AKA it is now possible to host a N!tmod server on MacOS !

Added: It is now possible to find users by IP address or MAC address with !userlist

Added: Players muted through votes will be muted for g_defaultMute seconds

Added: /csinfo 'dumpall' argument (server side, for debugging purposes)

Added: Server's NxAC status icon on map loading screen

Modified: Modified some N!tmod specific menus

Modified: Enabled "configstrings" command again (client side, for debugging purposes)

Modified: Nicer shoutcaster/spectator names above players

Modified: Modified MacOS Minimum version to 10.8 (was 10.12 in 2.3.4-b1)

Modified: More code cleanup and compiler warnings fixed

Modified: Some critical parts of the NxAC code on Windows have been rewritten from scratch

Removed: Server's Punkbuster status icon on map loading screen

N!tmod 2.3.4 Beta 1

Added: Linux 64 bit support (client + server)

Added: MacOS 64 bit support (client)

Added: Support for Omni-Bot 64 bit (if server is running x86_64)

Added: Missing class menus files

Added: "mod_build" serverinfo cvar

Added: Build CPU type in !about output, crashlogs, G_InitGame

Added: Don't use "screenshotJPEG" when using ET:Legacy and cg_useScreenshotJPEG = 1

Added: !about now shows buil-in SQLite API version

Added: "humans" statusResponse key (used by UI serverlist)

Added: Ingame serverlist will now hide serverfacades and server returning no or invalid statusResponse

Added: cg_pmSounds: 0 - Disable sound notification for PM/Adminchat | 1 - Enable

Added: Ingame serverlist now displays real human counts based on statusResponse "humans" key (also compatible with ET:Legacy "humans" infoResponse key, if server and client are running ET:Legacy. Otherwise based on ping)

Added: Experimental widescreen support for UI and modified menu files accordingly

Removed: MacOS PPC support

Removed: MacOS 32 bit support

Removed: Ingame serverlist "TR" column

Modified: Built-in SQLite Interface updated to version 3.35.5 (previously 3.8.5)

Modified: g_hitboxes now doesn't uses any extra entities

Modified: Code cleanup and fixed many compiler warnings

Modified: Code optimizations for faster game frame processing

Fixed: cg_autoaction demo recording, for good

Fixed: "Wounded names" were sometimes drawn for current player when dying

Fixed: Potential bug where CG_RegisterClients would fail on connect/vid_restart/map_restart, resulting in missing players info until their userinfo was changed

Fixed: Potential (unconfirmed) client crash/freeze when connecting/switching maps

Fixed: "EV_BULLET_HIT_WALL" on players bbox with g_hitboxes enabled

Fixed: cg_autoaction stats dump generating bad file/folder names

Fixed: g_GUIDChecks could potentially allow players with an invalid/spoofed NGUID

Fixed: First poison hit had no effect on teammates if g_friendlyFire flag 2 (half damage) was set

Fixed: Revive hitbox height was sometimes wrong, revives should be easier now

Fixed: revive/knife/poison hitbox height was too small with g_hitboxes enabled

Fixed: Self poisoning with g_hitboxes enabled

Fixed: Flackjecket powerup didn't reduce tripmine damage taken

Fixed: some commands feedback typos

Fixed: Players sometimes respawning in enemy spawnpoints when none were available (on servers with a lot of players)

Fixed: Loading 'levels.db' instead of 'votes.db' after automatically creating default 'votes.db' if it didn't exist

Fixed: Potential server crash with error message "nitrox_CSIndex: overflow" due to alternative configstrings system introduced in version 2.2 (never reported, but happened on the test server a few times)

Fixed: et_ClientUserinfoChanged LUA callback was sometimes not called

Fixed: LUA et.gentity_get "sess.muted" field was always returning -1

Fixed: NxAC Faster screenshot file transfer

Fixed: NxAC Fixed empty/black/corrupted screenshots

Fixed: NxAC bug where it could ban bots/players connecting after another player was automatically banned

Fixed: NxAC bug where a player could escape an automatic ban if the server was still waiting for the auto screenshot

N!tmod 2.3.2 (Build 20210131)

Added: g_disableComplaints flag 8 (Disable complaints for tripmines teamkills)

Added: Some global awards

Added: g_artilleryHints (0 - Disable | 1 - Enable team artillery zone hints)

Added: cg_artilleryHints (0 - Disable | 1 - Display team artillery zone hints, if enabled on server)

Added: 'nopm' admin flag - Disable private messages for levels or users with this flag

Fixed: Global Backstabs stats were incremented when backstabing a teammate

Fixed: Bug with mortar cam frame staying on screen during whole map

Fixed: /team exploit allowing players to spawn with other classes weapons if g_pickAnyWeapon was enabled

Fixed: HUD XP was no longer flashing yellow after increasing since recent builds

Fixed: Players could walk with scoped weapons if global stats were displayed on screen

Fixed: cg_autoaction demo recording sometimes not working

Modified: HUD BS/HS stats now flash green for a short time when they increase

Modified: Renamed some global awards

Modified: Notifications popups (top right of the screen for awards, private messages...)

Modified: Global stats window size and opacity

Modified: Code optimizations

Modified: Loading screen progress bar

Removed: "globalstats" command is no longer bound to N key by default

N!tmod 2.3.2 (Build 20201231)

Fixed: Mod couldn't load on Linux/MacOS (MacOS Remains untested because I don't have a Mac at home...)

Fixed: Something was wrong with shuffle by K/D Ratio

N!tmod 2.3.2 (Build 20201228-1)

Fixed: Self-stab bug with g_hitboxes enabled (Thanks to eG clan for help with debugging).

Fixed: Announcer ("prepare to fight", etc) was sometimes corrupted

Modified: Announcer font (kill assistance, etc...)

Added: Objectives announces on screen (when planting, destroying, damaging, etc...)

Fixed: Typo when tripmine was set

Added: Intermission Awards 'emojis'

Added: LUA et_obituary can now replace the default obituaries with it's return value (Request #54)

Fixed: Typo when tripmine was set

Fixed: BUG #73 Satchel bug where satchel would only damage players but not objectives around

Fixed: Satchel bug where satchel wouldnt drop (related to BUG #73)

Fixed: BUG #70 Medics couldn't pick Sten at all when g_pickAnyWeapon was enabled (except if g_weapons 512 flag was set)

Modified: Avoid flooding client with server commands when arming/disarming dyna/mines

Added: Objective hints, makes it easier to find objectives to construct/destroy (experimental)

Added: cg_objectiveHints client cvar

Added: 'cg_drawHUDStats' cvar (0/1): toggle drawing N!tmod's HUD stats

Modified: Reworked some HUD text elements to make them easier to read on bright maps

Added: 'cg_woundedNames' cvar (0/1): Draw names above wounded players when playing as a medic. Wounded players will also see nearby medics names.

Added: 'cg_drawBanners' cvar (0/1): Allow disabling drawing of server banners (requested on Facebook and bug tracker).

Added: !seen output now displas UserID (NGUID last 8 chars)