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#1 18-Jul-22 21:47:07

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integrated weapon timer system

Idea for nitmod improvement

I've been playing on a server that uses all weapons except pumpgung/shotgung for a while now

with increased speed and unrealistic gravity ..... all in all it's quite a lot of fun

But what strikes you is that when all weapons and mines are allowed, many players tend to spam with certain weapons

specifically meant are these:

- Ground mines
- artillery
- Flamethrower
- Basuka

especially on a large server, one notices the immediate exploitation factor when these weapons can be directly used without control......

what you can't do mod technically i think would be these :

- ground mines
- artillery

where but definitely what could be done

- Basuka
- flamethrower

here I have the insert factor in mind in particular.

it would be great if the nitmod would get a timer when you can use weapons in a match and when you can no longer use them.

so that you have the possibility, with the countless maps and your own balanced problems, to make the weapons available or to basically issue certain weapons for a map or to provide them with a timer

the basic thought came to me when i found out on this big server that you have to limit the players temporarily .... so as not to destroy every map through spam rushing

would it be possible ?

maybe even a nitmod luab that allows general timing on all maps or a map that would accept special timers

maybe it would even be best to include all weapons in such a script project, so that later an extension of the script is not necessary

a little thought on the side

In addition, it would be great if the nitmod itself could get a spawn place protection, where a server operator allows:

an ingested spawn per second controller, not being able to steal and the timer for the spawn protection would be placed directly above the respective flag .... where the couldown is from when you can attack him


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