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#1 25-Nov-15 23:04:01

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Blacklist game checksum instead of whitelist


Because some launchers are evolving (and it is not good to block a guy to compile an open sourced project), I'd like that NxAC has a function to blacklist some untrusted checksums, instead of only whitelist them.
I know this is easy to replace something to change the checksum, but most people do not know how to do this.
The idea is to save every checksums to a file (with maybe the first or last client that used this client in a comment) and make possible to add a symbol to indicate that a checksum is blacklisted.
Also, I want that it would be possible to reactivate whitelist, during a map and without restarting anything, so the compiled list became directly usable for whitelist (without loosing blacklisted checksums) and it would be easy to fight against a bot or someone who changes its client, its IP and reconnect really fast.
Another thing, some checksums would be trusted, some just added by this function, and the others blacklisted.

What do you think?

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