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#1 25-Feb-16 17:09:37

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Hosting 2 Servers, just 1 Server shown in ET Serverlist most time


my problem is that i have 2 ET Servers. [eG]No DownLoad *XPS* -> NITMOD Server, Most time not in the server list when i look [eG]Sniper Arena *XPS* -> NITMOD Server, Everytime in the server list

On both servers the settings are broadly the same.

set sv_master1 "" 
//set sv_master2 "" //Service offline
//set sv_master3 "" //Service offline
//set sv_master4 "" // Service offline	
set sv_master5 ""

When i will test it with my ET Client, I have all filters at default.

Does anyone have any idea why our main server is not listed the most time?

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