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#1 18-May-11 18:02:10

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Changelog [N!tmod 2.2]

This topic is about N!tmod 2.2 work in progress.

Full changelog can be found at



#2 13-Dec-11 05:48:56

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Re: Changelog [N!tmod 2.2]

Added: Widescreen support
Added: Spectator chat flag
Added: et.G_AdminLevelName(clientNum) LUA function (returns a text string containing client's Admin Level name)
Added: NGUID hack protection
Re-Added: ET 2.55/2.56 support (WARNING: Server uses different configstrings system for 2.55/2.56 or ET 2.60/b/d clients, don't forget to report Client version if you find bugs)
Added: Server version check. Real 2.55 server will shutdown (2.55+ still WORKS!)
Added: Bots will only trigger tripmines if omnibot_flags 32 is set
Added: ETXreal maps support
Added: SQLite Map Records
Added: Latest OmniBot fixes (from ETPub SVN, credits: crapshoot)
Added: g_misc 4 : Disable medpack XP
Added: g_misc 8 : Disable ammopack XP
Added: skill_* cvars now accept -1 values to disable a skill
Added: SQLite queries Logs (n_SQLiteLogs cvar)
Added: "Events Queue" - Server can now handle up to 64 events at a time without calling G_Spawn, this should reduce server load
Added: Bots now have the ready icon in scoreboard
Added: Client side effect for !slap command (sound and screen shake)
Added: Goomba kills are now displayed in "alt stats"
Added: n_UserDBSync: For use with multiple servers on a single DB. If enabled, server will re-load the user from database when he connects to avoid corrupted DB. If the DB is used by a single server, set it to 0 to avoid useless ressources usage.
Added: g_misc flag 32 to enable real lean
Added: g_misc flag 64 (Players who drown can't be revived)
Added: n_sniperWarOptions cvar ( 1 -Players will spawn with binoculars | 2 Scoped headshots instagib the target | 4 Players will spawn with 40 grenades )
Added: Even more configstrings saving
Added: n_medPackSinkDelay cvar - Delay (in milliseconds) before dropped medpacks disappear, minimum 5000, default 30000. If set lower than 5000, server uses default value.
Added: n_ammoPackSinkDelay cvar - Delay (in milliseconds) before dropped ammopacks disappear, minimum 5000, default 30000. If set lower than 5000, server uses default value.
Added:New bomb model (screenshot)
Added: If g_frienflyFire flag 256 is set, players need to use pliers as they walk on their own landmines to trigger them.
Added: XPSave system will log Load/Write attempts on clients with no or invalid NGUID
Added: n_dynamiteTimer cvar - Delay (in milliseconds) before dynamite explodes, minimum 5000, maximum 60000, default 30000. If set lower than 5000, server uses default value. Clients effects (progress bar, dlight, messages) are also synced.
Added: n_forceSinglePistol CLIENT cvar, for players who want to use single pistol even when akimbo are available (
Added: tripmines are now activated by doors (code provided by 7killer, ECSMod)
Added: g_countryFlags flag 2: Bots will use the server's location for country flags (based on net_ip cvar)
Added: On-Map-Load invalid users auto cleanup
Added: On-Map-Load expired bans auto cleanup
Added: On-Map-Load expired mutes auto cleanup
Added: n_allowDropWeapon cvar (0 : Disable | 1 : Players can drop primary weapon using "dropweapon" command)
Added: Flag 256 to g_friendlyFire - Players don't trigger their own landmines (except when holding pliers)
Added: n_mapRecords cvar (0 : Disable Map Spree/Frag records | 1 : Enable Map Spree/Frag records)
Added: Spectators can see the team flag of the player they are following. They will also see the class icon near the flag, replacing the old [classname] that was printed after the player name.
Added: Adminchat messages and private messages now use a different background color. Also, color codes are now stripped from these messages.
Added: MAC Address based mutes (mutes now rely on NGUID and MAC instead of NGUID only)

Fixed: 'Connection interrupted' when dead and following the last bot of your team and this bot dies
Fixed: Empty player names in DB
Fixed: reduced trap_S_RegisterSound() calls inside trap_S_StartSound() to avoid client "freeze" (Most sounds are now registered on map load)
Fixed: "SP_team_WOLF_objective: exceeded MAX_MULTI_SPAWNTARGETS" error should no longer happen
Fixed: Player view was strange when poisonned because of damage feedback
Fixed: some small issues with new ConfigStrings system
Fixed: Depending on server settings, flakjacket was available in DM
Fixed: "Prepare to fight" announced correctly
Fixed: Old bug not giving grenades during Sniperwar and RifleGrenade war
Fixed: Binoculars now available in Sniperwar
Fixed: Muted status was lost when reconnecting or restarting map
Fixed: !banguid cannot be used on players with higher admin level
Fixed: Some MOD's had no/invalid obituaries
Fixed: New Configstring system (the one used in 2.2 beta 2) now works correctly for 2.60/b/d clients
Fixed: No more team flags in chat for pm/adminchat/server announces
Fixed: Poison gas damage can now be set through weaponscripts
Fixed: Dead players can no longer stomp (goomba)
Fixed: Bans/Mutes were not correctly saved/loaded
Fixed: username and password for mail system can only contain alphanumeric characters
Fixed: SQLite queries were broken when trying to save data containing apostrophe(s)
Fixed: Crash when n_SQLiteDBPath wasn't set or was invalid
Fixed: !readconfig should no longer break the admin system
Fixed: There was something wrong with !help...
Fixed: NGUID could be set manually before connecting to a server...
Fixed: !disorient had no effect
Fixed: sometimes g_XPSave flag 8 didn't work at all
Fixed: !resetxp and !resetmyxp now allowed during sniperwar
Fixed: "headshot" sound wasn't played during sniperwar if !n_sniperwarOptions & 2
Fixed: Potential crash issues when something goes wrong with the Admin System
Fixed: Some code typos
Fixed: Disguised player names were not centred
Fixed: Some sounds were wrong (ex: objective room doors on bremen)
Fixed: N!tmod 2.2 can now run on real 2.55 servers again (but it's not really recommended...)
Fixed: "Dynamite is now armed with a X second timer" was wrong
Fixed: g_mapVoteFlags flag 16 wasn't working at all
Fixed: Intermission mapvote list can now display more than 19 maps at a time and the scrollbar works
Fixed: Spectator flag was drawn before chat obituaries (cg_obituary 2)
Fixed: some obituaries were wrong
Fixed: Sprint bar when following a player

Modified: Shuffle is no longer based on XP, it's now a random shuffle
Modified:  "levels.db" file now needs to exist or the whole admin system will be disabled

Reworked: Admin system optimized to reduce server load
Reworked: Some parts of the entities code, reducing G_Spawn(), trap_LinkEntity() and trap_UnlinkEntity() calls
Reworked: Whole new configstrings system, the old one had too many bugs, was too heavy and not 100% reliable (and has been completely deleted)
Reworked: /tdminfo command
Reworked: Map records code, old one had a few bugs, now stored in SQLite database

Removed: n_dbSync cvar. Server now instantly saves important modifications to the database, just like 2.2b2 did if n_dbSync was set to 1.



#3 01-Feb-12 10:13:44

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Re: Changelog [N!tmod 2.2]

LUA Coders, here are some fresh changes and some infos that might be useful about et.G_Damage function:
Added: DAMAGE_INSTAGIB (32) flag can be used instead of ridiculously high damage values (even damage 0 will instabig player)
Fixed: DAMAGE_NO_PROTECTION (8) now works correctly. It had no effect on godmode/spawninvul.

Damage Flags (can be useful for LUA scripts using et.G_Damage)

  • DAMAGE_RADIUS 1 - Damage from a nearby explosion (This is useless in LUA, as far as i know)

  • DAMAGE_HALF_KNOCKBACK 2 - Damage only delivers half knockback

  • DAMAGE_NO_KNOCKBACK 4 - Damage delivers no knockback at all

  • DAMAGE_NO_PROTECTION 8 - Damage protection (godmode, no friendlyfire, spawn invulnerability etc...) have no effect

  • DAMAGE_DISTANCEFALLOFF 16 - Distance reduces damage (This is useless in LUA, as far as i know)

  • DAMAGE_INSTAGIB 32 - Instagib player, no matter what the damage ammount is set to



#4 03-Feb-12 01:41:00

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Re: Changelog [N!tmod 2.2]

  • Reworked some parts of the "N!tmod Mail System"
    [*]- /mails: Better output, it is now easier to read.

  • - /mailto: Better output, now tells the user if his message has been sent.

  • - /register: Username and Password could only contain 31 chars while maximum was supposed to be 32.

  • - /deletemail: There was an error in the code, it was only possible to delete messages sent to ourself.

  • ', '*')[/*]



#5 23-Mar-12 15:24:13

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Re: Changelog [N!tmod 2.2]

Added: Lagometer now shows delay added by antiwarp, like ETPro
Fixed: some shuffleteams commands/cvars were wrong
Modified: n_ammoPackSinkDelay can't be set higher than 60000 or server uses default value
Modified: n_medPackSinkDelay can't be set higher than 60000 or server uses default value
Removed: 1 unused cvar
Modified: g_war is no longer a bitflag (and flag 4 becomes integer 3)
Added: Precise landmine trigger (n_preciseLandmineTrigger) If enabled, player bounding box will have to be inside the landmine bounding box to trigger it, instead of calculating the distance between the landmine and the player.
Modified: Antilag now stores up to 800ms of players' positions (ala ETPro) instead of 500ms (ETPub, for example)
Added: Neil Toronto's "Projectile Nudge" (Should make it easier for high pinger to dodge missiles. Cvar: cg_projectileNudge 0 - Disable | 1 - Enable | Default: 1)
Added: Debug bitflags 2 and 4 to g_antilag (2: Show backward reconciled player hitboxes whenever an antilagged trace is done by the server | 4: Show player hitboxes (at their current position) whenever a bullet weapon is fired)
Fixed: Haste's Fixed Physics Code (g_fixedphisycs and g_fixedphysicsfps) should work correctly (i'm not sure it did in older versions)
Fixed: I'm not sure pmove_fixed was working correctly, now it should be ok
Removed: cg_debugNewCS cvar
Fixed: death animations
Added: "DELETEALL" case sensitive argument to !delrecords to clear the whole records database.
Fixed: Global Stats - Don't count revives on bots
Fixed: Don't add extra ammo during war modes
Fixed: Ammo packs no longer give grenades during war modes
Fixed: Players can no longer regenerate health during war modes
Fixed: class limits could cause problems during war modes
Fixed: Players will be forced to spawn as soldier/engineer/covertops, depending of the war type, during war modes. If the war mode is disabled, they will respawn with their desired class
Fixed: Max Health will always be 100 during war modes or Death Match gametype
Fixed: potential issue with "EventsQueue"
Fixed: "removereferee" and "makereferee" server commands now call ClientUserinfoChanged()
Fixed: "MISC" menu file
Fixed: AutoMutes are now added to SQLite database
Fixed: "no shoot" icon was stretched in widescreen
Reworked: Missile cams - Use temp entities instead of 64 static entities. There's no point spawning 64 entities when some servers don't even use missile cams



#6 06-Apr-12 14:45:16

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Re: Changelog [N!tmod 2.2]

I've been busy working on ET:Zombies Mod in the last weeks, but last night i managed to fix some fairly important bugs, including one that was delaying the 2.2 Final release...

Fixed: Players could sometimes pickup objectives when they were not supposed to, because of g_realBody 1 ( … task_id=23)
Fixed: Flying corpses should no longer happen now ( … &project=1)
Modified/Improved: N!tmod style kill announces



#7 13-Apr-12 03:02:09

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Re: Changelog [N!tmod 2.2]

Hi people smile

First i'd like to thank you all for being so patient.

I know N!tmod 2.2 has been in the making for more than a year, that 2.1RC1 is totally out of date, and that you may be sick of waiting.

But we have introduced so many new features in this version, that some bugs kept coming out until now...

I can promise that when we are done with 2.2, this will definitely be our BEST release EVER!

And there will be even more to come along with 2.3 series !!

I can now tell that, IF no new bugs are found in 2.2PR2, N!tmod 2.2 Final will be available before may 10th 2012!

Meantime, I hope you will enjoy seeing the latest changes that have been made to 2.2.

Stay tuned because 2.2PR2 will be available in a few days, and should be the last test phase!

Thanks again for your support, your patience, and your help in all the bug tracking process that we've had to go through during the development of v2.2!

Now here are some hot news !

N!tmod Dev Team now has a new programmer!

A few days ago, 7killer joined the project, ever heard of ECSMod ? Or ETKEY auto-download code ? He's the man behind this !

He joined just in time, while we're finishing v2.2 and before we start working on v2.3.

So get ready for amazing new features in 2.3 ! big_smile

I guess that from now on, we can definitely say that N!tmod is a "Made In France" mod, because Nico$, 7killer and myself are french ^^

Since he has joined, 7killer has already added his awesome hitboxes system into v2.2.

And guess what ?!

You will be able to test it as soon as we release N!tmod 2.2 PR2 (which is only a matter of days now)

But, you probably think "What's this new hitboxes system ?" or "Why would it be better than the original one ?"

Well here are some details:

  • Up to 17 hitboxes per player

    That means no more hits on places where the player is not "physically" present smile

  • Every hitbox is synced with the player animation and rotation!

    ET default hitboxes dont rotate and is (except ETPro realhead code) not linked to the player animation!

  • It doesn't use any extra entity for hit detection!

    ET default hitboxes system can use up to 128 entities on a full 64 slots server.

    Remember that too many entities can cause lags, performance issues, and can even result in server shutdown if the limit (1024) is reached!)

    Isn't it an awesome performance gain ?!

And now you wonder what do these hitboxes look like ?





SCREENSHOTS! big_smile





So here's the changelog for N!tmod 2.2PR2, so far:

Added: Advanced Hitboxes System
Added: g_hitboxes cvar (0 - Use N!tmod default hitboxes | 1 - Use new hitboxes | 2 - Increase hit detection precision, perfect for sniper servers)
Added: g_hitboxes Flag 2 - Strict hit detection (Increase precision for hit detection with the new hitboxes, it's perfect for a sniper server, but might be hard to hit with other weapons when there's too much action)
Added: CoversOps smoke now inhibit tripmine
Added: g_war Flag 4 - Knife War (replacing g_knifeonly cvar)

Fixed: cg_numPopups used to allow an extra popup
Fixed: FieldOps were able to call artillery in war modes ( … task_id=42) - This is fixed just in case, but players should no longer be able to change class when war modes are enabled
Fixed: FriendlyFire voting used to set g_friendlyFire cvar to value 1 or 0, regardless of what bitflags were used (
Fixed: NGUID was not used for ban checks inside ClientConnect()
Fixed: NGUID was not used for Max Lives checks inside ClientConnect()
Fixed: Duplicate NGUID checks had no effect inside ClientConnect()
Fixed: can't pickup grenades during knife war
Fixed: g_pickAnyWeapon could allow picking up disallowed weapons during war modes
Fixed: Last printed popup messages was re-appearing for a millisecond after disappearing
Fixed: Players with Heavy weapons skill level 4 or higher couldn't use secondary weapon after a map change (Thanks >>H2O|.sCar* for reporting)
Fixed: Several problems with bans database and "in-memory" bans.

Modified: Popup messages will start fading after 1500 milliseconds instead of instantly
Modified: !finger command code has been optimized
Modified: G_Trace() and G_HistoricalTrace() functions are now adapted to the new hitboxes system (if enabled)

Reworked: The ban check function has been partially rewritten and optimized

Removed: g_knifeonly cvar (replaced by g_war option 4)

Just wondering:
Would you like to have "Graphic Obituaries" in 2.2 ?
I wrote the code for them in ET:Zombies Mod. So if there's enough interest in this, i might port this feature to N!tmod 2.2 final too smile

I'll let all of you know as soon as there's some news about 2.2PR2 wink

Have a nice day smile



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