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#1 28-May-11 23:41:48

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Interesting problem

Having an interesting problem on my server. I banned somebody and now they keep reconnecting (Like every second, spamming the server with requests), it's spamming the console full hehe.
Also they are using proxies to reconnect with other IPs so I was wondering if there is a way to do a ban for a whole IP mask?


#2 07-Jun-11 13:28:59

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Re: Interesting problem

If anybody else has this problem in the future you can use these commands:
addIP - Add an IP or Range to the list
removeIP - Remove an IP or Range from the list
g_banIPs - shows a list of banned IPs
g_filterBan - turns the ban filter on or off

addIP 74.115.*.*


#3 07-Jun-11 16:37:41

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Re: Interesting problem

when you say you can use those commands, in what way?

Do they have to be put into server.cfg? or shrubbot.cfg? Or are they /rcon commands or something else?

And what specifically to each of them do. Ex: Does removeIP ban a specific IP from the server?

Also, if you pb ban them, that should solve a lot of ban evading problems. As there are many ways to work around a standard ET shrubbot ban.



#4 07-Jun-11 17:09:08

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Re: Interesting problem

They are entered with rcon or in server.cfg

/rcon g_banIPs shows a list of banned IPs and IP ranges

in order to add an IP to this list you use
for instance
addIP 74.115.*.*

this would ban the whole IP range (x or * means any / all numbers)
if you wish to remove an IP from this list (this would allow the players with these IPs to connect again) you use removeIP
removeIP 74.115.*.*

This would remove the ban we just made with addIP

g_filterBan 1|0
This just turns the whole system on or off, if set to 1 then all the IPs in g_banips will not be allowed on your server, if you turn it to 0 then they will be allowed.

PB bans work too, problem is we don't run PB.
If you're using PB I believe the command is pb_sv_banmask:

I'm not sure how a standard shrubbot ban works, but this is what my shrubbot.cfg says:
name =
guid =
ip =
reason =
made =
expires =
banner =
mac =

In other words I guess combination of: Guid, IP and MAC
I think PB only bans on Guid and maybe IP, but I think for IP bans you have to do them manually, or be hooked up to PBBANS.

Anyway both methods can be circumvented if the hacker is not a 13 year old kiddy, but an IP range ban is a lot harder to get away from.


#5 25-Aug-13 00:52:45

BETA Tester
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Re: Interesting problem


This is a few relases later. I run NitMod 2.2.1_r772.

In my server.cfg I have "set g_filterban "1"
And then I do new lines for each IP "addip"  in server.cfg too.

Problem is, server telling me, addip overflow, (or something like that) but I only have 23 Ips. How many Ips are supported for this ?

Or, do I do it wrong ?



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