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#1 17-Jun-12 00:28:09

BETA Tester
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Not sure how to do this, but .....

Hello All,

Sorry guys, but I need to say this. And I believe a lot more than me, have same feelings.

Er der nogle regler her, for hvilket sprog der må skrives på ?
Is there any rules, for wich language to use here ?

That was in Danish, and I dont belive much members on forum understand that. But ofcourse, you can all just use translator to try understand it.
But, if I wrote same line, in danish street launguage, or, in some other "code" - I promise you all, you wont understand more than half of that line with translator.

My point is, ... more and more on this forum is in French. And if I use translatior to understand it,  ... yes, I understand a bit more then,... but in general, I never understand full sentence.

We all love NitMod, but what can we do, to be able to understand each other ?

I know NitMod doc. is in English, but it would be nice if most of us understood forum too.

Greets Grandad


#2 17-Jun-12 13:28:45

BETA Tester
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Re: Not sure how to do this, but .....

Full approval !


#3 17-Jun-12 23:09:22

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Re: Not sure how to do this, but .....

N!tmod is a "Made in France" mod, Nico$, 7Killer and I are french.

Many server admins are french and not all of them know english, that's why they are allowed to post in french.

LSD WoL, one of our moderators, is also french, and isn't really comfortable with english (well i think so...)

We will keep providing support in french and english, and if something needs to be translated, let us know and we'll make a short translation of important points.



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