N!tmod, a Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Modification!

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#1 10-Nov-12 22:59:46

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We run N!tmod for a month now. After your friendly visit and the tip to turn of g_realbody. the medbots start to heal and railgun is fireable (dunno if anybody else got this bug: Just couldnt fire gun at the end).

But the hitboxes really seem to be weird now. we did some testing and either its very very weird spread of weapons or the hitboxes are more like suggestions into the dark...

What settings you all use? What is best compromise? Anybody else discovered that?

g wildes


#2 11-Nov-12 07:18:03

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Re: Hitboxes

If you were already using g_hitboxes > 0 and didnt change this value, hitboxes should be the same.

g_realbody has no effect on hit detection if g_hitboxes is enabled (it just has effect on players collision, and this problem is fixed in 2.2.1 anyway)

Make sure the g_hitboxes flag 4 isn't set, because this enables a more precise hit detection (and this should only be used on sniper servers because it's not good at all for regular playing)

Usually g_hitboxes 9 (default value) works fine.



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