N!tmod, a Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Modification!

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#1 10-May-11 09:50:25

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N!tmod Awards List

  • Highest Fragger: Most Kills

  • Highest XP:    Highest XP

  • Highest Ranking Officer: Highest Rank

  • Goomba Master: Most goombas

  • Best Spree:    Longest Spree

  • Most Headshots: Most Headshots

  • Highest damage:    Highest Damage given

  • I Believe I Can Fly...: Most deaths by 'MOD_FALLING' ("Fell to his death")

  • Highest Accuracy:     Highest overall accuracy

  • I Ain't Got No Friends Award:     Most Team Kills (Minimum 5)

  • Jack the Ripper Award:    Most Knife Kills

  • Most Revives: Most Revives

  • Most Heals: Most Medpacks given (only medpacks picked up by teammates)

  • Panzer Lover: Most Panzerfaust Kills (Minimum 5)

N!tmod Awards List, May 10th 2011.



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