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#1 26-Nov-11 22:05:44

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REQUEST:subnet ban whith n_guid/cl_guid exceptions

hello..ideea is like this....
a lua that drop all players that have a specific subnet ...all ips that beggins whith 123.123  example are droped if dont have guid listed in a list....
so is like a subnet ban in firewall but admins can make exceptions for allready knowed players.....put guid in a list
i know is possible...i see many scripts that make subnet ban and that make exceptions... but is not one that link together that not a coder..if someone can make this lua will be great

manny thanks and i hope someone will do this...i will check everyday(:


#2 28-Jan-12 06:02:05

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From: champlain valley new york
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Re: REQUEST:subnet ban whith n_guid/cl_guid exceptions

u could do that with iptables tongue



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