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#1 13-Nov-12 21:01:48

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Making custom commands

So I have a general idea of how to make custom commands as I have done so to test a few things out.
Though what I would like to know is how I could make 3 types of custom command based on !setlevel?

What I have been thinking of adding are the following:


Sets all new applicants to trial status


Accepts all applicants to new member


Sets all those who had their applications denied back to whatever level they were beforehand or, default which is lvl 1

I have also been thinking of adding some custom commands which will execute something from a custom cfg which I will be making.


To close the game and open up the clan forum in whatever web browser you are using


To connect to our nitmod server without having to type out the full ip in console or without connecting via xfire or w/e


Basically the same as !nitmod, but to connect to our Silent server.

I was wondering how I would go about setting out the custom setlevel commands?
I am currently making the cfg's for the forum and both servers which will be executed on command but, I was just wondering. What if the server doesn't recognise the cfg?

So fo example.

name - Forum
exec - exec forum.cfg
desc - You can visit our forum via this command
level - *

and so on, would I need to do it like that to execute the cfg?


#2 14-Nov-12 00:59:39

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Re: Making custom commands

!trial !accept !deny : You should use LUA for this because there's no way for custom commands to know what was the previous level of a player.

For the rest, it's impossible, custom commands are executed on server side, not on client side.



#3 14-Nov-12 09:43:07

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Re: Making custom commands

Fair enough. Thanks dude smile
So how would I go about making the LUA for those commands?

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