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#1 29-Nov-12 13:23:23

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Online Global Stats + Player Alias Tracker

Remember this old stats page that could take hours to load and would almost crash your browser ? Well this time is over!

I've been working on the online stats page for the last 3 days to fix all the problems and add new features tongue

I can now say that the "Global Stats" and the "Player Alias Tracker" have been merged into one simple online tool big_smile

What has been changed:
- Fixed PHP security issues.
- Added a pages system (250 stats/pages).
- Added a search tool: You can search by name (you can even include aliases in your search!) or by partial NGUID match.
- Added GeoIP flags (master receives the required data from latest N!tmod 2.2.1 build).
- Added player's stats page now displays all the stats.
- Added aliases list: When you visit a player's stats page, it will display all his known aliases on that same page.


If you think anything needs to be added/modified, or if you find any problems on the page, let me know smile


Note: For technical reasons, unfortunately, stats will probably be erased as soon as N!tmod 2.2.1 is ready for public use (aliases will not be erased).



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