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#1 08-Jan-13 23:04:10

Registered: 08-Jan-13
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XPSave really don't work

Hi guys,

I really tried EVERYTHING in my knowledge to get this xpsave to work but it just won't.
Can anyone help me ?

Below you can see my cfg.
Cheers, NATS


//   Server Provided By:: YCN-Hosting, Contact: Evgeny  //

set n_SQLiteDBPath "/gsadmin/var/game_servers/"
set n_dbSync "1"
set n_userMail "1"
set n_SQLiteLogs "1"

//=========================Server Passwords======================//

set g_password ""             // set to password protect the server
set sv_privateclients "0"     // if set > 0, then this number of client slots will be reserved for connections
set sv_privatepassword ""     // that have "password" set to the value of "sv_privatePassword"
set rconpassword ""  // remote console access password
set refereePassword ""  // referee status password

//=============================DL, RATE==========================//

set sv_maxRate "25000"        // 10000 standard but poor for ET
set sv_dl_maxRate "2048000"     // increase/decerease if you have plenty/little spare bandwidth
set sv_allowDownload "1"       // global toggle for both legacy download and web download
set sv_wwwDownload "1"        // toggle to enable web download
set sv_wwwBaseURL "[url][/url]" // base URL for redirection
set sv_wwwDlDisconnected "0"  // tell clients to perform their downloads while disconnected from the server
set sv_wwwFallbackURL ""      // URL to send to if an http/ftp fails or is refused client side


set sv_master1 "" 
set sv_master2 "" 
set sv_master3 "" 
set sv_master4 ""
set sv_master5 ""

//=============================MOD, ECT==========================// 

set sv_hostname  ""              // name of server here 
set server_motd0 ""              // message in right corner of join screen here 
set server_motd1 "" 
set server_motd2 " "
set server_motd3 ""
set server_motd4 ""


set g_realHead                "1"   //Toggle ETPro realhead hitbox
set g_realBody                "1"   //Toogle N!tmod realbody hitbox (see documentation)

//=============================MISSILES RELATED CVARS==========================//

set g_missileGravity          "0"
set g_missileSpeed            "0"
set g_missileHealth           "5"
set g_rockets                 "0"
set g_missileCams             "0"   //Since 1.4 - Panzer, mortar and rifle grenade cameras - See documentation


// These settings are set by control panel

//set omnibot_enable            "1"
//set omnibot_flags             "112"
//set omnibot_path              "/gsadmin/var/game_servers/"

//=============================MAP VOTING CVARS==========================//

//Only valid if gametype = 6
set g_maxMapsVotedFor         "6"
set g_minMapAge               "3"
set g_mapVoteFlags            "0"
set g_excludedMaps            ""
set g_resetXPMapCount         "0"


set g_XPSave                  "15"
set g_XPDecay                 "0"
set g_XPDecayRate             "0"
set g_XPDecayFloor            "0"
set g_maxXP                   "-1"
set g_XPSaveMaxAge            "2592000"
set g_XPSaveDirectory         "/gsadmin/var/game_servers/"


set g_logConnections          "connections.log"
set g_logAdmin                ""
set g_log                     ""
set g_logSync                 "0"
set g_logCrash                "crash.log"
set g_logOptions "2"
set g_logSync "1" 
set logfile "2" 

//=============================WEAPONS RESTRICTIONS==========================//

set team_maxMortars           "-1"
set team_maxRifleGrenades     "-1"
set team_maxMG42              "-1"
set team_maxFlamers           "-1"
set team_maxLandmines         "10"
set team_airstrikeTime        "10"
set team_artyTime             "10"
set team_panzerRestriction    "0"


set g_medicChargeTime         "45000"
set g_engineerChargeTime      "30000"
set g_LTChargeTime            "40000"
set g_soldierChargeTime       "20000"
set g_covertopsChargeTime     "30000"

//=============================SKILL CVARS==========================//

set skill_soldier             "20 50 90 140 200"
set skill_medic               "20 50 90 140 200"
set skill_engineer            "20 50 90 140 200"
set skill_fieldops            "20 50 90 140 200"
set skill_covertops           "20 50 90 140 200"
set skill_battlesense         "20 50 90 140 200"
set skill_lightweapons	      "20 50 90 140 200"
set g_maxLevelBattleSense     "6"
set g_maxLevelLightWeapons    "6"
set g_maxLevelSoldier         "6"
set g_maxLevelMedic           "6"
set g_maxLevelEngineer        "6"
set g_maxLevelFieldOp         "6"
set g_maxLevelCovertOp        "6"

//=============================VOTE CVARS==========================//

set vote_limit                "3"
set vote_percent              "66"
set vote_allow_antilag        "0"
set vote_allow_balancedteams  "1"
set vote_allow_comp           "0"
set vote_allow_friendlyfire   "0"
set vote_allow_gametype       "0"
set vote_allow_kick           "0"
set vote_allow_map            "1"
set vote_allow_maprestart     "0"
set vote_allow_matchreset     "0"
set vote_allow_mutespecs      "0"
set vote_allow_muting         "0"
set vote_allow_nextcampaign   "0"
set vote_allow_nextmap 	      "1"
set vote_allow_poll           "0"
set vote_allow_pub            "0"
set vote_allow_referee        "0"
set vote_allow_restartcampaign "0"
set vote_allow_shuffleteamsxp "1"
set vote_allow_shuffleteamsxp_norestart "1"
set vote_allow_surrender      "0"
set vote_allow_swapteams      "0"
set vote_allow_timelimit      "0"
set vote_allow_warmupdamage   "0"
set vote_allow_swapteamsrestart "0"


set lua_modules               ""

//=============================WEAPONS RELATED CVARS==========================//

set g_damageWeapons           "0"
set g_weaponItems             "1"
set g_asblock                 "0"
set g_noCharge                "0"   //Disable Charge usage
set g_noReload                "0"   //No need to reload, clips are automatically filled
set g_pickAnyWeapon           "0"   //Can pick any weapons on the ground
set g_weapons                 "128" //Since 1.4 - 128 by default = enable MP5
set g_adrenClasses            "2"
set g_adrenaline              "0"
set g_poison                  "1"
set g_canisterKick            "0"
set g_canisterKickOwner       "0"
set g_goomba                  "10"
set g_goombaFlags             "25"

//=============================MISC CVARS==========================//

set g_gametype                "6"
set g_antiWarp                "1"
set g_TDMScore                "500"
set g_autoTempBan             "0"
set g_autoTempBanTime         "1800"
set g_censorPenalty           "0"
set g_censorMuteTime          "60"
set g_defaultMute             "3600"
set g_countryflags            "2"
set g_inactivity              "0"
set g_intermissionTime        "60"
set g_intermissionReadyPercent "100"
set g_teamDamageRestriction   "0"
set g_minHits                 "6"
set g_shortcuts               "1"
set g_shrubbot                "shrubbot.cfg"
set g_spectator               "1"
set ip_max_clients            "3"
set g_drawAttackerHP          "0"
set g_doubleJump              "1"
set g_medics                  "0"
set g_slashKill               "0"
set g_ammoCabinetTime         "60000"
set g_healthCabinetTime       "10000"
set g_dropHealth              "5"
set g_dropAmmo               "5"
set g_playDead                "0"
set g_shove                   "80"
set g_shoveNoZ                "0"
set g_dragCorpse              "0"
set g_classChange             "0"
set g_privateMessages         "1"
set g_teamChangeKills         "0"
set g_headshot                "0"
set g_instantSpawn            "0"
//set g_dbDirectory             "/gsadmin/var/game_servers/"
set g_noAttackInvul           ""
set g_floodProtect            "1"
set g_flushItems              "1"
set g_multikillTime           "2000"
set g_announcer               "31"
set g_msgs                    "0"
set g_msgPos                  "0"
set g_truePing                "0"
set g_fear                    "2000"
set g_campaignFile            ""
set g_friendlyFire            "1"

//=============================NEW CVARS N!TMOD 1.4==========================//

set g_revenge                 "1"   //Displays "REVENGE!" on players screen if they kill their last killer
set g_autoQuitDelay           "0"   //Delay in MINUTES before server auto shutdown. 0 = disabled. Server won't shut down if not empty.
set g_war "0"   //Panzerwar OR Sniperwar - See documentation

//==========================SERVER INFO=======================//

sets "Admin"  "NATS"
sets "Contact" ""
sets "Provider" ""
sets "Location" "Amsterdam"

//===========================MAP ROTATION========================// 

//exec campaigncycle.cfg // Campaign mode 
exec objectivecycle.cfg // Objective mode 
//exec lmscycle.cfg // Last Man Standing mode 


// in case the game dies with an ERR_DROP 
// or any situation leading to server running with no map 
//set com_watchdog 10 // defaults 60 
set com_watchdog_cmd "exec campaigncycle.cfg" // defaults to quit 

set g_userAlliedRespawnTime "16"
set g_userAxisRespawnTime "16"
set g_GUIDChecks "1"
set g_IPChecks                "1"


#2 08-Jan-13 23:38:46

BETA Tester
Registered: 29-Dec-11
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Re: XPSave really don't work

Does your  levels, Map records, Bans, Mutes, and Mails  work ???

You have: set n_SQLiteDBPath "/gsadmin/var/game_servers/"
Did you name your nitmod.sqlite like that ?  (NITMOD_DB.sqlite)

I also use YCN, I set it like this:
set n_SQLiteDBPath  "/gsadmin/var/game_servers/IP-PORT/nitmod/nitmod.sqlite"


#3 08-Jan-13 23:56:27

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Re: XPSave really don't work

Thanks for your reply.
Somehow I already fixed it. It's working now.

I got an additional question:
How do I make my server so that when the map ends, people can vote for the next map?

Maybe this is a shitty explanation of what I'm trying to accomplish, but I don't know how to explain it.

Hope you guys can help me!




#4 09-Jan-13 00:04:41

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Re: XPSave really don't work

Set g_gametype to 6

And customize it with the following cvars:



#5 09-Jan-13 00:11:32

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Re: XPSave really don't work

I also notice that YCN's default config for N!tmod server seems to be way out of date O.o

It's probably based on a N!tmod 1.4 config, it's pretty old...



#6 09-Jan-13 00:17:12

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Re: XPSave really don't work

Hi n!trox,

Thanks for the information! I'm going to try it out now.
How can I update the YCN config?

Also notice the question(s) in the e-mail I send you the other day.
Thanks for your help all.


#7 09-Jan-13 00:23:19

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Re: XPSave really don't work

Is it also needed to switch off: exec objectivecycle.cfg  - to achieve the vote map mode?


#8 09-Jan-13 00:43:37

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Re: XPSave really don't work

You should keep your current objectivecycle because the server needs to load next maps if nobody votes or if it's empty.

I don't think i saw your mail, i will check it out tomorrow.

Only YCN can update their sample config, but i included one in N!tmod 2.2 official package:



#9 10-Jan-13 22:36:50

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Re: XPSave really don't work

I still can't figure the mapvote out. Do I only have to set the g_gametype "6" and fill in the other options:  g_maxMapsVotedFor, g_minMapAge, g_mapVoteFlags, g_excludedMaps ?
Or do I have to do more? I don't get it.

Also I'd like to use my own welcome gsound on the server. I've made a .pk3 with sounds in it;

zz_dk_soundv1.pk3 > sound > greetings > welcome.wav

and I filled this in on the gsound setting:
gsound = /sound/greetings/welcome.wav

Is it possible that my sound is to long? Or a wrong format or something?
Cause I think I did everything the right way as far as  I can know.

///// EDIT /////
The gsound is now working, I had to change the bitrate etc.

Thanks for your help

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#10 10-Jan-13 22:41:50

From: UK
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Re: XPSave really don't work

Set g_gametype to 6 in your map rotation as follows, to enable map voting:

set m1 "set g_gametype 6; map oasis; set nextmap vstr m2"

set m2 "set g_gametype 6; map bremen_final; set nextmap vstr m3"
set m3 "set g_gametype 6; map frostbite; set nextmap vstr m4"

set m4 "set g_gametype 6; map fueldump; set nextmap vstr m5"

set m5 "set g_gametype 6; map supplydepot2; set nextmap vstr m6"
set m6 "set g_gametype 6; map warbell; set nextmap vstr m7"

set m7 "set g_gametype 6; map goldrush; set nextmap vstr m8"

set m8 "set g_gametype 6; map mlb_temple; set nextmap vstr m9"
set m9 "set g_gametype 6; map hog_b12; set nextmap vstr m10"

set m10 "set g_gametype 6; map radar_summer; set nextmap vstr m11"

set m11 "set g_gametype 6; map italyfp2; set nextmap vstr m12"
set m12 "set g_gametype 6; map tc_base; set nextmap vstr m13"

set m13 "set g_gametype 6; map battery; set nextmap vstr m14"

set m14 "set g_gametype 6; map dubrovnik_final; set nextmap vstr m15"
set m15 "set g_gametype 6; map snatch3; set nextmap vstr m1"

vstr m1

You could also just get g_gametype to 6 in your server's config, and not in your rotation. It's the same thing.

If your server is empty, or no body votes for a map, the next map in the rotation is used.

The other CVARs can be set in your server's config file to customise how map voting works. I.e. you can set how many maps are displayed to be voted for, exclude maps from voting all together etc.


set g_maxMapsVotedFor "6" //display 6 maps at intermission
set g_minMapAge "3" //wait 3 maps before displaying map for voting again
set g_mapVoteFlags "4" //allow 3 votes rather than one (i.e. client chooses favourite, second favourite etc.)
set g_excludedMaps ":railgun:radar:" //disable voting for specified maps

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#11 12-Jan-13 14:26:43

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Re: XPSave really don't work

Thanks! It's working now ;-)

One last question ~ How can I remove and add omnibots to my server without restarting my server. There are now 10 bots on it, one will leave when there comes a player online, but sometimes I want to remove all the bots to play with players only. Any commands for that?
Thanks for the help y'all, nice community!


#12 13-Jan-13 01:13:57

From: UK
Registered: 16-Oct-12
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Re: XPSave really don't work

Make sure you set:

bot minbots "0"

In your server's config file.

You can then remove bots with:

/rcon bot maxbots 0

You could also create a custom !command for it if you wanted to. The details for this are in the documentation:

name = maxbots
exec = bot maxbots [1]
desc = Sets the maximum number of bots on the server
levels = 1 2

Add it to commands.db and you're good to go:

!maxbots 0

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