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#1 21-Aug-10 11:03:33

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Re: DM map cycle

Hi eveyone,
i am running my server with nitmod 2.0b8 and i was just wondering if there is a map cycle for deathmatch?
if not how would i go about setting one up?
any help is appreciated thx


#2 21-Aug-10 17:31:52

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Re: DM map cycle

cycles for Death Match are the same as other gametype's cycles.

Just set g_gametype to 8 and make sure you're using maps that have compatible _dm.script mapscripts.

N!tmod comes with a few DM mapscripts since 2.0 beta 6 or 7 (dont really remember ^^) :

- oasis_dm.script
- battery_dm.script
- fueldump_dm.script
- goldrush_dm.script
- radar_dm.script
- railgun_dm.script
- supply_dm.script
- venice_dm.script

If you want to create your own mapscripts, you will have to create a few "team_ctf_greenspawn" with the "create" mapscript action.

Also, don't forget to remove everything that has to be dynamited, like walls, gates etc..

During DeathMatch, lots of entities are removed by the mod:
- doors
- "team_ctf_bluespawn"
- "team_ctf_redspawn"
- Ammo cabinets
- Health cabinets
- constructible markers (sometimes they are still visible but u can walk through)

Also during DM :
- Fireteams are disabled
- Only spectators can follow players
- Everybody spawns in Axis team
- Players are sent to limbo when they die
- Medics dont get medpacks/syringes
- FieldOps don't get ammopacks/airstrike canisters
- Engineers don't get dynamites/pliers
- CovertOps don't get satchel/smoke bombs
- Scoreboard is modified
- Radar won't show any players
- Every classes get 100HP
- Medics don't regenerate HP at all
- Timelimit is ignored
- g_dropHealth is ignored
- g_dropAmmo is ignored
- Spawns cant be used during 10 seconds after the last time they have been used
- Selfkill is disabled
- Bots will consider everybody as an enemy
- g_teamDamageRestriction is ignored
- crosshair health and name drawing are disabled
- and maybe some other details that i forgot.



#3 22-Aug-10 10:37:22

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Re: DM map cycle

Thx N!trox  thats pretty much all i needed 


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